Why Is It Important For Parents to Spend Quality Time with Their Children


If you want your children to become happy and well-adjusted individuals, you need to spend more time with them. Researches show that children start learning long before they start attending school and the parents are the first and most influential teachers. It is true that the hardships of life have increased and we are all buy managing house and work, but there is no way we can run away from our responsibilities as a parent.

Some parents think it is perfectly alright to spend an hour or two on the weekends; but it is relatively a short period for bonding deeply with the children. Sometimes parents become so cautious to provide their children with a good and luxurious life that they forget the importance of small things such as spending time with their children, reading stories, playing with them and talking to them. By spending some quality time, parents can show their love towards their children, teach them life lessons and help them get adjusted to the world around them.

A few more benefits of spending quality time with your children include:

  • Children often do not understand words; they believe in actions. So if you spend time with them they feel loved and cared. They understand that they are important for you.
  • When you spend time with your children and talk with them, you can teach them a lot of things and correct the wrongs that they learn from the outside world.
  • Children who do not get to spend time with their parents often suffer from depression, which affects their overall health (both mental and physical). So by spending more time parents can look after their children’s growth and development.
  • Parents must spend time with their children to know their strengths and weaknesses. This way they can encourage their children do what they are good at and help them rise above their weaknesses.
  • Spending time helps children open up. Children often face problems that they fail to communicate with their parents. By spending time and talking to your children, you get to know what is going on around you and offer assistance whenever required.
  • The best memories are made during our childhood. You would be depriving your child of the sweetest moments if you do not spend quality time with them.

Here is how you can share ample time with your children:

  • Have the lunch or dinner together
  • Clean the house or the yard as a family
  • Pick a day when you would go out and play at a park, watch a movie together or have dinner outside
  • Plan outings together. Ask where your children want to go and plan accordingly

The more love your child gets from you, the more confident he/she becomes. So no matter how busy you are with your work, make it a point to spend ample time with your children every day.