Storytelling: An Important Literacy Activity for Children


We believe that giving a book to children to read could improve their skills related to literacy since childhood, often ignore the importance of storytelling. The method of storytelling does not necessarily include a book; it can be fun, active and compelling. Kids Kingdom being reputed private nursery Aylesbury encourages the little ones to engage in various activities to create their own imaginative stories. Unlike another private nursery Aylesbury, Kids Kingdom believes that engaging children into different activities during the storytelling can improve their listening skills as well as the ability to associate with words.

Here We Outline How Storytelling Impacts Pre-schoolers in A Positive Way

Improves Memory and Attention

Since children have to remember the entire story without the help of any book, it improves their retaining ability and sharps their memorization skills. When they need only need to focus on the stores than anything else, it increases their attention skills. The activity of storytelling also improves the writing skills of the as if they want to create their own stories.

Language Skills

As children listen to the stories intently, they are developing their language skills in an effective manner. New words get introduced to them in a creative way through the storytelling process. Unlike another private nursery Aylesbury, Kids Kingdom builds a plot, arranges several activities, uses characterization, conclusions, conflicts and many others to let the preschoolers comprehend how a language sound. We also motivate them to come up with their own ideas to complete the stories we tell them.

Encourage Good Manners

Sounds interesting? But it is true. It is difficult to instill good manners and behaviours among the children but it can easily be done through the storytelling. With the help morals which stories offer the Kids Kingdom, private nursery Aylesbury moulds and shape the behaviour of children as an understanding individual.

Children always foster an inherent love for stories, as it helps to create a sense of wonder and magic to them. Storytelling is a unique way to nurture understanding and positive attitude among children by making them aware about life, friends, the surroundings and their families. It aids to create personalities among children in this digital world they just love stick to gadgets and other electronic items. Kids Kingdom, private nursery Aylesbury, being a reputed nursery always tries their best to tap into the tender mind of the children to understand what are they feeling and act accordingly to kindle feel-good factor.