Bilingualism: How It Is Beneficial For Your Child?:


At Kids Kingdom Day Care, we ensure a holistic development of your child. We nurture their minds and want them to prosper in the future life as well. As the mentors and caregivers, we engage them in everyday activities to stimulate active learning capabilities and achieve success in life. At Kids Kingdom Day Care, we are committed to providing the most relevant educational training for a sound foundation in critical learning and thinking process.

We have introduced a second language at our daycare centre to encourage natural curiosity in the mind of a child. Our trained and professional staff helps your child to learn French as another language to facilitate natural disposition toward learning.

The Advantages of Being Bilingual

Cognitive Advancement:

Knowing more than one language helps a child to think actively. It is a crucial factor in the long run. A child who knows more than one language tends to have a better memory than others. The ability to speak, think, write in multiple languages help them to be problem solvers in the future. A bilingual child also possesses better memories. Teaching another language apart from the mother tongue is one of the finest things you could expose your children to while they are young.

Math Is Simpler to Them:

It's a myth, those who learn languages fast cannot be good in numbers. According to reports of Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) multilingual or bilingual children have a better understanding of science and logic-based subjects than their other classmates.

Retention Skills of The Child Increases:

Since learning a new language, the consistency of brain tissue improves in the sector of attention. So retention and attention skills of a child increase.

The Child Becomes More Creative:

Teaching a new language to your children strengthens creativity in them. A new language means to get to know about new cultures. So, it means the child tends to think and understand different perspectives by learning about different cultures. Folktales and influence of different cultures open up new possibilities in them. So learning new language definitely helps a child to be more adaptable and imaginative.

How We Teach Another Language at Kids Kingdom Day Care (KKDC):

Through Engaging Them In Activities: We engage all the children in various activities (such as drama or play) rather than simply teaching them. Involving into various activities simplify the learning and make them remember in the longer run.

Language Immersion Technique: At KKDC, our teachers act as a caregiver, supporter, and adviser to enable smooth learning of the children. We use English as well as French to help them learn multiple languages. We also include animated and attractive video series to assist them in learning multiple languages.

Setting Dates to Play with Another Family: We also arrange play dates for your child with another family to nurture the new language learning. It helps children to learn the new language faster and also helps them in spending good time in the company of each other.