Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to New Teachers


You send your child to a pre-school or day care centre and your child adjusts to the new environment very quickly. You are very happy that you didn't have to go through the hardships of making your child accustomed with the new environment. But then things go upside down all of a sudden. Your child's favourite teacher is replaced by a new substitute teacher.

Children often bond with their teacher deeply and when the old teachers get replaced it becomes difficult for them to adjust. Children often cannot express their feelings and start behaving rudely at school and complaints start pouring in. So what would you do, if your child's favourite teacher is going to be replaced? How would you help your child adjust to the new teacher? Here are some useful tips:

Understand Your Child

Before you do anything, it is very important to understand how your child feels. Talk to your child about the change and see his/her reactions. Do not assume your child is upset; children often adjust to situations quickly and easily. So communicating with your child is very important.


If you find your child is upset about the change, assure him/her that the new teacher will be as good as the old one and will take good care of the needs and keep them safe. Help them understand that every individual is different so the way they show love might be a bit different. Tell them that they will have the same friends, so you can have as much fun as you can.

Meet the New Teacher

If your child is too upset about the change, meet the new teacher and talk to him/her about your child. Tell the teacher about the things that your child liked about the old teacher. Talk to the teacher about your child's likes and dislikes, if the teacher knows about your child beforehand, it becomes a lot easier to mingle. If possible take your child along with you, so that he/she can have a small talk with the teacher and get to know the teacher.

Help Your Child Adjust to Change

As a parent you must do everything to make things easier for your child, but it is also important for your child to learn to accept change. Tell your child that life is a long journey and things are bound to change during the course of the journey, so they must be prepared to accept change. If they learn to adjust to change from a young age, it will become easier for them to handle life when they grow up. Finally, you must highlight the positive sides of the change that is going to happen.

Children react to situations in different ways, so you must first try to understand them and then decide to tackle to the situation. Helping your child cope with transitions at a young age will help them grow up as sensible and responsible adults. Involve the school authority and help your child adjust to change.