What Your Child Needs to Know Before Preschool Starts


So you have decided it is time that your child starts attending nursery school. You have put in all efforts to find the best nursery school and you're sure your child will have the perfect start to life. Is it time now that you sit back and relax until the school starts? Not really. You need to make sure your child is ready to attend school and ensure a smooth transition. So you must start preparing your child for nursery school, so that he/ she can enjoy her school and have the best experience in life.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important, so make sure your child can wash and dry her hands without help. Potty training is also a must. Although most nursery schools are equipped to provide support to children who are not potty trained, it is always good to make your child confident about her bathroom skills.

Your child must also know when she should go to the bathroom; the teacher would ask the children whether they need to go to the bathroom, so your child must be able to respond whether or not she can go alone. However, accidents might happen, even if your child is potty trained, so you need to tell your child there is nothing to worry about.

Staying Away from You

When your child starts going to school, she has to stay away from you for quite some time; so it is necessary that that you talk to her about school as soon as she gets admitted. This will be tougher if your child has never attended a daycare centre. To help her get accustomed to staying away from you, leave her for an hour with someone she is familiar with. Increase the time gradually, so that she learns to stay away from you the entire morning.

Take your child to the nursery school and let her interact with her teachers; this way she will get to know her and it will be a lot easier to get settled in school.

Eating Skills

Most nursery schools serve some kind of snacks to the children, so your child must be trained to eat by herself. Teach her to open a zipper pouch or put a straw inside the juice box. Tell her it is important to wipe her hands and face after she has completed eating. Make table manners a must when you make your child eat at home. If you do it on a regular basis, your child will learn without hassles. One thing you must do is inform the school authorities and the teacher about food allergies (if any). This way you can make sure she stays safe at school.


Your child needs to take care of her own things at school, so you must instil a sense of organisation before she starts attending school. Start with her toys and clothes. Encourage your child to organise her belongings cleanly. Play games where your child has to put things where they belong within a specified time. Once your child is used to this, she will have no problem getting everything organised in school.

Preparing your child before she starts going to school will make life easier for her and make sure she enjoys school to the fullest.