Choose a Nursery that is Safe Enough for Your Child


When choosing a nursery school, there are many things that parents have to consider. Some of the most important things are the location, curriculum, cost and environment. Another important thing that parents must consider is the safety of the nursery. This means the nursery school should take enough measures to make sure the classrooms, outside play area and other places inside the school are safe enough for the children.

Here are some steps that nursery schools should follow to ensure safety in the nursery school:

Employ Trained Staffs

In order to make sure the children are safe, the nursery schools must hire highly qualified and trained staffs who can supervise the children every moment. The staffs must also have enough training so that they can administer first aid in case an accident takes place.

Classrooms should be Safe

Classrooms are the places where the children spend most of their time when in school, so they must be safe. Make sure the toys are safe (no broken parts, no sharp edges, etc.) and are free from harmful substances (paints, chemicals, etc.). There should be enough space so that the children can play around without hurting other children.

Food Safety

If you are choosing a daycare centre, this is important. The daycare centres must adhere to strict food safety guidelines (available from the government's daycare facility regulatory agency). The daycare must prepare food in a hygienic place, store it properly and serve food in a clean place and use clean plates, bowls, spoons, etc. They must also make sure the children clean their hands before eating.

Outdoor Safety

Outdoor play is very important for children and for their overall development, so you must choose a nursery that has a well-equipped outdoor play area. But outdoor safety is a vital aspect that the nursery schools must take into consideration. As part of playground safety, the nursery schools must ensure:

  • The ground must be soft
  • The slides, swings, etc. must be installed at a safe height
  • No nuts, bolts, etc. must be protruding
  • Play equipment must be installed at safe distance from each other.
  • The playground equipment must be checked regularly to make sure they are safe enough
  • The playground boundary must be guarded by tall fence or walls, to make sure no child goes out of the premises or no one trespasses inside.

Make Sure the Nursery is Fire Safe

The nursery school must install fire extinguishers in a way that they are easily accessible. The electrical lines must be checked regularly, to ensure there are no fire or electrocution risks. Fire and natural disaster drills must be performed regularly to ensure they are prepared to handle emergency situations. Sending a child to a nursery school is a must, but as a parent you must make sure they are safe away from you. So check whether the nursery school you are considering takes enough measures to keep the inside and outside safe for children or not. Make a smart choice and keep your children safe.