Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to New Teachers


Early education is very important and to ensure good quality education you need to send your child to a good day care centre. However, along with the advantages, it has its own perils as well. As children start attending pre-school or day care centres, they tend to fall sick more frequently. According to experts, this is the time when toddlers come in contact with germs and infections they have never been exposed to and since their immune systems are still maturing they cannot provide enough resistance. However, they are less likely to fall ill once they start going to high school.

Children attending day care centres often suffer from runny nose, ear infections, low-grade fever, diarrhoea and rashes. The germs and infection spread through direct or indirect contact between the children. It might seem difficult to prevent the illnesses, but with some prior planning parents can prevent frequent illnesses.

Here are some ways you can keep your child healthy:

Immunity Boosting

Certain foods are known to boost immunity in children; therefore parents must insist their children to eat plenty of such foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables and iron-rich foods help in immunity boosting. You must also make sure your child gets enough sleep every day.

Keep Hands Clean

Make sure your children develop the habit of cleaning or sanitising their hand before having food. This is because most germs and infections are spread through the hands. Also make sure the staffs at day care centre follow proper hygiene and keep their hands clean before feeding. You can pay visits to the day care centre and check whether the staffs keep their hands clean.

Stay Up-to-Date with Vaccines

Make sure your child has all the vaccines on time. Most reputed and well-known day centres require the child's immunisation records before they get the child admitted; but in case they did not, make sure you stay up-to-date. It is also important to know whether the other children and the staffs have proper vaccinations or not.

Choose the Day Care Centre Carefully

Cleanliness is paramount to keep children healthy. So make sure you choose the day care centre carefully. Ask questions about their cleanliness and hygiene policies. Ask how do they sanitise toys or how frequently are the rooms cleaned. Many day care centres do not allow children to attend classes, if they are sick. Check whether they follow the rules and regulations strictly. The staffs must also strictly follow the cleanliness and hygiene regulations to make sure infections do not spread among the children.

Talk to the Teacher

If your child falls sick very often, talk to his/her teacher. Children put everything in their mouth, so germs spread easily. Teachers must be vigilant about not allowing children to put dirty toys or hands in their mouth. Though no one can guarantee it, you must make the teacher aware of it.

Have a talk with your child's paediatrician, if nothing works. He/ she might prescribe your child with some immunity boosting supplements that will keep your child away from catching germs and infections. It is true that children fall sick frequently as they start going to day care centres, but you must try doing things that will reduce the number of sick days.