5 Points to Consider Before Sending Your Child to Preschool Nursery:


Children are the future of a nation. It is important to educate a child properly in order to build a healthy and strong community. In today'stime, most of the parents are working and are unable to spend quality time with their little ones. Most of the young parents leave their children at home withold grandparents or helpers who are unable to guide them properly. So to nurture and nourish your child properly a preschool nursery can helpyou a great deal.

Preschool nursery is a place which your child gets to experienceoutside their home for the first time.They learn to find comfort while being away from the parents. It is the right place to lay your child’s foundation for their lifelong progress. Here, a child learns the importance of himself and his surroundings, builds communication and interaction with peer group and teachers. The skills and knowledge a child acquires in preschool nursery play a huge role in shaping the attitude and aptitude of the child in later stages of life. It has been shown in a research that the children who are taught in a preschool nursery at an early age have better skills of socializing, and have less behavioral problems. A preschool nursery helps in personality development of your child and increases self-confidence by teaching various things in a playful manner.

Preschool nursery education impartsa positive learning attitude in your child. Itlays the foundation of basic language and mathematical skills. In the preschoolnursery, your child blooms in a secure and tension free environment. They are introduced to new things in small portions enabling them to comprehend and learn things better.

Preschool nursery is not a place to look for the child’s excellence in the academic curriculum, it is a place where a child is taught in a very special way by engaging him in activities that are appealing and attractive. Preschool nursery helps your child to achieve social, emotional and personal growth and development. Continuous exposure and interaction with children of the same age group and teachers in a preschool nursery help your child to enhance his communication skills.

Before enrolling your child in a preschool nursery you should check the following things:

  1. The preschool nursery should have a hygienic, neat and clean environment. It should be tidy and dust free.
  2. The teachers of the preschool should be gentle and soft-spoken and should be trained in early childhood education. They should have the patience to handle and support young kids.
  3. Classrooms should be colourful and there should be enough toys, and other items to attract and appeal your child.
  4. The preschool nursery should be near your home or workplace and a good and safe transport facility should be available.
  5. The preschool nursery should have proper children to teacher (caregiver) ratio.

So it is the responsibility of you as a parent to send your young child to a good preschool nursery while you are away from them.