7 Things to consider while measuring the safety standard of your child's daycare:


Leaving your child at a daycare while you are at work is not that easy. It’s a matter of concern for you and it brings a lot of anxiety while you decide to put your young one in a day care.You start bothering about the safety of your child when you are away from your toddler. A lot of other things also creep in your mind and make you unsettled thinking about your child’s safety.

However, it is not possible to look after your child entirely by yourself. You will require external help to raise your child and may need to put him/her in a day care.

Here are a few points to consider while checking the safety standard of the day care:

  1. Check for the license and the paperwork of the day care: The first thing to consider while choosing a day care for your baby is to look for their license. You may ask to see their paperwork before you enroll your child with them.

  1. Child to caregiver ratio:This is an important aspect to considerwhile selecting a day care centre. They should have at least 1 caregiver per 3 infants and the ratio is 1:4 for 2-year olds and 1:7 for 3-year olds and 1:8 for 4 – 5 year olds and so on.  If the number of caregivers are less, you child will not be getting proper attention and care.

  1. Know if the caregivers are trained to provide any specific care needed for your child:If your child requires any special care, you should confirm with the centre if the staff is trained and equipped to provide that specific care to your child.

  1. Confirm if they have any on call doctor during emergency:A good day care centre should have an on call doctor all the time to attend the children and provide medical attention should any emergency arise.

  1. If the area and the furniture is child proofed:The day care centre should be child proofed. The furniture should be meant for children with flattened edges. The stairs should be blocked properly so that the children can’t go out on their own.

  1. Ask if you can get a regular update on your child’s developments: You should get regular updates about your child’s developmentsand learnings. You should talk to the caregiver directly to know about your child’s behaviour, likes and dislikes and how the child conducts himself or herself with other children.

  1. Cleanliness of the child care facility:A child care facility should be clean. The toys, the beds and all other things at the day careshould be clean enough; as onlycleanliness will ensure them good health and a proper growth and development.

Follow these few points while choosing a day care centre for your child. This will provide you a little relief about your child’s safety while you are awayfrom your little one.