All That You Need to Know About Developmental Issues in Children


A child grows and develops at his own pace and learns various skills as he grows. The process in which they learn the different skills are known as 'developmental milestones'. However, some children have a hard time learning new skills, thus have developmental delays. Minor and temporary delays cause no harm but multiple delays can lead to serious issues.

Developmental delays are caused due to a number of factors such as heredity, premature birth, problem during pregnancy or external factors. Moreover, developmental delays are often misinterpreted as mental illness; so it is necessary that parents and teachers understand what it means and what signs indicate a child has developmental delays.

Types of Developmental Delays

There are five main types of skills that a child learns during his developing years and he can have delays in one of more of these areas:

  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Social

There is a specific age range when the child is expected to develop the specific skills; but if he does not learn even beyond this age range, it is often recommended to consult a paediatrician.

Risks of Developmental Delays and What Should be Done

Most developmental disabilities occur even before the child is born but certain external factors such as accidents, infections, etc. can also lead to such disabilities after the child is born. It is very important to identify a developmental delay at an early stage since it can lead to serious conditions such as ASDs (autism spectrum disorders), cerebral palsy, myopathies, etc.

If you suspect your child developmental disabilities it is important that you consult a doctor right away. Children have varying developmental rates and there is nothing wrong if a child takes longer to learn a skill. But if he takes too long then professional consultation is a must. Treating developmental disabilities at an early stage can improve the condition and help the child to live an independent life. Moreover, specific treatments are necessary for specific disabilities; so it is necessary that you identify the kind of disability your child is suffering from. For instance, children with motor skill delays need physical therapy, whereas children with ASD and other kind of delays need behavioural and educational therapy. Medications can also be prescribed depending upon specific conditions.

It is important to identify such conditions to lower its impact and help the child lead a normal life. Developmental delays are often interlinked and one delay can lead to other delays or complications; so it is must that parents watch their children closely and take immediate steps to help them. If you school-going child is diagnosed with such a problem; he might be eligible for specialised services. So talk to your child's doctor regarding the delays and get information about the specialised services offered in your area.

Remember, the faster you act, the easier it will become for your child to cope with the difficulties. So stay vigilant and act promptly.