Ensure Quality Care for Your Child at KKDC, a Private Nursery in Middlesex:


Quality care in the early years of childhood ensures a child's all-round development. Kids Kingdom Day Care provides a platform for children, where they can flourish under the guidance of caregivers even when you are not present with them physically. You can enrol your little ones at KKDC, a private nursery in Middlesex where they are cared and taken care of, by safe and well trained staff in your absence. We have qualified, experienced, and caring staff who understand the varying needs of every child and offers them love and care based learning. They develop a curriculum for each child considering their learning abilities and help them in learning various life skills with a positive attitude.

Provide a Safe, Stimulating and Nurturing Environment:

The caregivers at KKDC, a private nursery in Middlesex work closely with each child to provide the best possible start in life both academically and socially. Children get an opportunity to discover through play which eventually creates a solid foundation before they begin primary school. They provide a safe and stimulating environment where the children are nurtured to have no boundaries for imagination. Staff and teachers dedicate themselves to meet the child's need efficiently throughout their nursery life. Every child is treated equally in the nursery and they are encouraged to make friends with other children. Through planned activities and play, children get an opportunity to develop physical, emotional, social and intellectual capabilities.

Allow them to Explore Through Play-Based Learning Practices:

Kids Kingdom Day Care has a suitable framework designed for delivering high-quality care and education to children in the early years where its focus is on learning through play. The play-based curriculum encourages children to learn in their own way at their own pace. A child is encouraged to question his own curiosity and obtain the answer in a fun and interesting way. This approach holds a lot of significance in letting your child continuously learn throughout his life. We allow children to explore play-based learning practices through creative and dressed up role play, singing and storytelling, sensory opportunities, numeracy, and literacy.

Encourages Healthy Eating and Outdoor Activities:

Introducing children to a well-balanced and nutritious diet from an early age helps in developing healthy eating habits among them and stay fit throughout their life. The food and drink given to your child should comply with the dietary requirements of the child. The caregivers at the nursery also encourage children to take part in various outdoor activities. They have safe play areas, where the children are supervised all the time. Moreover, they have an on-call doctor to attend to the children in case of an emergency.

The caregivers at KKDC private nursery in Middlesex keep you updated about your child's growth and development. You can also meet our staff if you want to know more about your child's progress. The teachers and caregivers are committed to giving the best care and protection to your child under all circumstances.