Explore Some Fun Ways of Eating Healthy Foods for Your Child


Having a kid in your life is the most beautiful blessing. But now a days, taking care, nurturing, instilling good values in them has become very difficult for career driven parents due to lack of time. And, the hardest part of the day is to make them eat, no wonder why they are called little demons, right? Choosing food which is nutritious, healthy and tasty at the same time for your kids is the most strenuous task you have to do as a parent on a daily basis. Because these picky eaters won’t stop nagging and look for excuses for not eating. All you have to do is to be persistent and not pushy and have to come up with fun ways of eating healthy foodsfor your kids.

Here Is What You Can Do to Make Them Get into The Habit of Eating Good Foods:

Be Their Role Model

Kids tend to imitate their parents instinctively. So, if you are a healthy eater, your child would automatically become one by observing you. So, choose your foods well because you are in charge of the kind of food you allow in your home.

Get Them Involved

While you go for grocery shopping take your kids along, let them pick up vegetables for you. If your kids are a little grown-up, ask them to help you in the kitchen, allow them to cut vegetables. They will love to eat what they have created.

Little Hero Worshipping Won’t Hurt

If you cannot make them eat no matter how hard you try, tell them what batman eats every day to save Gotham City. They will idealize and would eat anything to become like him.

Make the Food Look Good

Kids are all about colours and variety. The more creative you get, the better your kids will eat. Make smiley-faced pancakes, star-shaped cookies, give the food some silly names. Dress the sandwiches with mayo, sauces, hummus. Just make sure they are made up of organic ingredients.

Hide the Vegetables

If your childruns away at the sight of vegetables, mask them into the meal. Make pizza and top them with lots of veggies like carrots, broccoli, eggplant but make sure it looks appealing. If they don’t drink milk after lots of effort, add them in mashed potatoes, or white sauce and they won’t even notice.

Give thema Treat

A cheat meal day once or twice a month will not hurt. Take them out to Mc Donald’s or let them have sugary cereals when they visit relatives. Little change in taste buds goes a long way.

What We Can Do for You

In the midst of the busy schedule, parents fail to maintain a proper diet for their kids. Kids often develop an affinity for junks and unhealthy food habits. Kids Kingdom Day Care helps every child to maintain a good eating habit. We look for loads of fun ways of eating healthy foods for your kids by creating varieties, making the meals look colourful or even by involving them in preparing the dishes. We maintain a proper routine of providing balanced meals so that your child doesn’t become cranky and famished. So, don’t look anywhere else, visit our website and trust us with all the needful for your kid to grow happily.