Here's How You Will Know If Your Child Is School Ready


Sending your child to school is itself a big task as this is the first step towards their life's journey outside the cosy comfort of their home. When your child grows to about five years, you know that it is time to send the little one to school. This idea might make you anxious as you are not sure how your little baby is going to respond to the outside world. You might think of a million reasons and also be worried about the fact that if your child is not able to cope with the outside world, what will you do in that case.

Well, do not stress yourself as you can check whether your child is school ready or not before you actually enrol them into a school. When a child is a school ready,

• The child will separate from you without crying showing emotional maturity

• Play happily with other children being a team player

• Follow instructions in an attentive way

• Wait patiently when in a group achieving social skills

• Communicate about their requirements developing language skills

• Finish a task properly showing independence in finishing a task

Though every child is different from another, it is important to let them learn at their own space. Though you may send your child to a school even if they are not fully equipped with these skills, you will have to look for a supported environment such a special needs school or a mainstream school with extra support from the teacher. This will help your child cope with the new school environment with a lot more ease and comfort.

Get Your Child Learn the Life Skills at Their Own Pace

You may either help in developing certain life skills in your child or you can even put them to a day carecentre such as Kids Kingdom Day Care, for they help every child onboard with them to learn a lot of life skills in their own pace while being attentive to them and making them feel loved and valued at every single step of their life. Whether it is about eating a meal on their own, playing while being in a group or reading, writing or even drawing. They will get to do a whole lot of activities on their own while they will enjoy the company of other children of their own age. Contact KKDC by visiting their website and let your child grow happily among other children and become school ready effortlessly.