Tips for a Successful First Day at Private Nursery


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So your child is ready to go to private nursery school. You have been talking to him/herabout nursery and their eyes lit up with joy hearing the stories. Startingnursery is a big step in your child's life and the firstday can be full of anxiety and uncertainty. Children react to this situation in many ways – some adapt tothe transition smoothly, while for others there can be a lot of crying and heel digging.

Despite all preparationsyou cannot ensure a smooth and stress free transition for your child on theirfirst day at private nursery. Most children react to this transition, since they have no idea about what to expect at nursery. The fact that they have to stay away from their parents also makes them anxious. So how would you prepare yourself and your child for the first day at nursery? Here are some tips that will help you prepare your child for a smooth transition:

Prepare Yourself

Your child knows when you feel anxious. So stay calm and be positive. Have a smile on your face and interact a lot with your child. Everyone is going through a tough time so it is up to you to ease the situation. Even if your child has a bad reaction don't pull them out of the situation to soothe them.Stay strong and make them understand that they have to be brave to take this transition.

Choose the Private Nursery School Carefully

Choose a private nursery that allows the parent to accompany their child to the room. Sudden separation from the parent can come hard on the child, so start developing a good-bye ritual at home itself. Say goodbye with a hug when you leave home and hug them again when you are back. This way they will know that you are parting only for a few minutes or hours and you'll be backsoon. Don't Rush

Plan and prepare everything ahead. Pack the bag, press the clothes and keep everything available at hand. Get up early in the morning; prepare your child's favourite breakfast and dress them up slowly. This way you'll have enough time to drive them to nursery and allow them to settle before they enter the classroom.

Take a Comfort Object

Check whether the private nursery allows the child to carry their favourite object. This works as a soothing factor and makes the child feel at home. It can be anything – a doll, toy, book or even a sipper. Comfort objects provide a sense of security to the child in an unfamiliar environment. Don't Get Too Involved

Yes, it is difficult for you to part from your child, but it is for your child's sake that you should not peek into the classroom or check on them or call the school every hour. Trust your decision and trust the teacher that she will take good care of the child. You have taken the best decision for your child, so there is nothing to worry.

As a parent it is up to you to make your child feel confident about the transition. Don't overdo things and keep a check on your feelings. The more confident you are, the smoother the transition will be for your child. Assure your child that you will there for them whenever they need you. Give her enough time to adjust to the new environment.