Healthy Habits Parents Must Teach Their Children


As parents, you pass down a lot more than just the genes to your children. Parents want their children to stay healthy and live a happy life, but we often don't know how to make that happen. Teaching healthy habits is one of the most important things that parents have to do. Several researches indicate that healthy children do better in studies and achieve a lot more than children who suffer a lot.

So to help you encourage your child live a healthy life, here are some healthy habits that your children must be taught:

1. Wash hands many times a day

Parents must teach their children to wash their hands many times a day. This ensures they do not catch cold, flu and other infections. Washing hands before eating, before and after playing, after sneezing, coughing or using the potty is a must. You should start this habit when you child starts crawling; wipe his/her hands many times while he/ she crawls on the floor since they can pick up germs and become sick.

2. Eat healthy

Eating adequate food is not enough; it is important to eat right. Help your children understand the nutritional value of each food. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in their meals. You can make food interesting by adding lot of colourful fruits and vegetables. Children often get attracted towards junk foods, so become their role models by giving up junk food and eating healthy food.

3. Encourage Play

Lots of play - that is what children need to the most. Play is an important part of their overall development and children learn a lot through play. It also helps in building physical fitness. They learn to share space with their peers and solve problems. Parents must encourage their children to get involved in various activities for at least 60 minutes per day.    

4. Encourage Reading

Discourage your child spend time in front of the TV or playing video games. Rather encourage him/her read every day. Start reading stories to your child from a very young age, so that it becomes a part of their everyday life. Reading helps your child calm down and it also soothes irritation and stress.

5. Take Your Child Out

It is very important to encourage your child go out and socialise with others. Take your child to the park where he/ she can share space with children of his/her age. Sharing space with other children of the same age, helps them learn to share the space, resolve conflicts and improve communication. Encourage your children to pretend play which helps in developing various skills. Play also helps in development of fine and gross motor skills which ensures they become competent to face the world.

As parents it is your duty to teach good habits to your children so that they become ready to face the world. The teachers at nursery school will teach them good habits; but in order to make these habits a part of their life, parents must act proactively. So, it is never too late. If you still haven't started, start today!