Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch for School


Parents often complain that their children do not eat lunch at school when they pack healthy food, no matter how hard they try to persuade them. But, that does not mean you should pack cookies and cakes for lunch every day. Yes it is true that packing healthy lunch needs a lot of effort and it is not easy; but with a little planning you can come up with ideas that both of you will love.

Most schools also try to help children grow healthy eating habits, but as parents you must also give in your best to encourage your child to eat healthy. No matter how hard you try, most children would choose French fries and pizza over broccoli and fresh fruits. So how would you encourage your little one to eat healthy? Here are some tips that will help you come up with healthy lunch ideas and make sure your child finishes the lunch every day.

Involve Kids

The best way to encourage children to eat healthy is by asking them to decide what should go inside their lunch boxes. Offer some healthy options and ask which one he/she would prefer eating for lunch. You can also ask your child to accompany you to the grocery store, so that they can pick up foods that they would prefer eating. You can also ask your children to make some healthy food for you and other family members. The more you involve kids, the more they will feel encouraged to eat healthy.

Add Some Fun

Healthy food mostly looks boring which is why children refrain from eating them. By adding some fun factor, you can encourage your children to eat healthy. Use cookie cutters to cut out interesting shapes out of bread, cheese, and vegetables. Prepare some colourful kebabs and serve with homemade sauce. Make fruit salad with colourful fruits and garnish with chocolate chips. The Internet offers a plethora of fun recipes from mothers and dieticians, so you can try them yourself.

Become a Role Model

You cannot expect your children to eat healthy if you much on chips and processed food all the time. If you want your children to eat healthy, you must start eating healthy first. So when prepare lunch for your child, make some extra so that you can eat it yourself. If your child sees you eating what they get for lunch, they will feel encouraged.     

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule will not only help you pack a healthy lunch but your child will also know what to expect when he/she opens his/ her lunch box. You can pack salads one day, some fresh fruits on the second day, boiled veggies on the third, sprouted beans, sandwiches, etc. and so on.  
Allow a Cheat Day

Allowing your children to eat whatever they want once in a week is a good way to keep them encouraged. Even if they eat some French fries or donuts, you should not be worried.

It is often difficult to pack a healthy lunch box every morning; so plan beforehand. Involve your kids and add some fun factor when packing the lunch to keep your children motivated.