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Home School or Preschool Which is a Better Choice?


Parents are often stuck in this dilemma whether to send their ward in kindergarten school at an early stage. And this requires quite a lot of thinking to be done before coming into any such conclusion. Home-School is also quite useful but it isn't that effective as kindergarten school. These schools are been run by trained professionals who understands a child's psychology and enhances their skills through various activities.

The following are few tips and measures that might be helpful for the parents in making a suitable decision for their child:-

  1. Pre-school assessment form: This small assessment examination is to check the ability and knowledge before getting him/her admitted in the respective school premises. By doing so the teachers are then well aware about the skills of a child and hence guide them to enhance their skills.

  2. The type of school and its philosophy: Selecting a suitable school to match the requirements is also necessary before admitting the child. It requires knowing about all the information about the pre-school and its faculty. The teachers play an important role in shaping a child. Hence it is necessary that they should have the knowledge and experience is doing the job perfectly.

  3. Make sure they are actually preparing your child for kindergarten: There are some playschools who claims to be a kindergarten but are actually day-care room. This creates confusion and the parents are in dilemma as to where to send their child. There is quite a difference between the two as the later one is been professionally run while the day-care is to engage the child in some activities.

  4. Asses the development level of your child: This requires to assess the ability of the child and hence to analyse the development level after sending them to pre-school. A good school will result into quite an impressive development of the child and thus will further help in shaping the mind-set and ability.

Why is pre-school important?

Pre-school is the place where the child is been trained to develop basic skill and knowledge that helps them achieve success in life. Further these children are been guided by trained teacher who are quite experienced in this field and also ensures a child's development through various processes. The child gradually learns various skills and acquires basic fundamental knowledge that serves as a foundation in a child's development programme.

How pre-school is different from home-school?

Home-school refers to the teaching been given by the parents in the home while pre-school refers to the guidance given by experts. Every parent aspire their child to achieve success in life. Though the home-school is quite effective and efficient still is lacks the professional training skills possessed by the pre-schools where the teachers are been trained to understand the mind-set of a child and hence to work accordingly.


Choosing a suitable play-school depends upon the mind-set of a parent. This is because it serves as the foundation in shaping a child's career. Hence proper knowledge should be acquired about these educational institutes so as to admit their ward that best suits them.