Here Is How to Know the School Readiness of Your Child


Attending school is a huge transition in the life of a child. And, it starts with developing some much necessary personal, emotional and social skills. The first step is the ability to communicate with other children as well as older adults who are not a part of their family. They should also be able to pay attention to following instructions and learn new things.

Though each child goes through a lot of emotional changes while they attend school, it is important to get them ready at an earlier stage so that they can pass through the stage easily. Sending them to a pre-school nursery in Aylesbury will help your child learn all these important life skills with a lot of ease.

How to Get Your Child School Ready Easily?

Kids Kingdom Day Care (KKDC), a day carecentre based in Aylesbury gets your child school ready with a lot of care and empathy. The first thing they take care of is to help your child cope with separation anxietyat the time you drop the little one at the nursery. The caregivers also encourage your child to play with other children so as to develop a sense of involvement and friendship. They are also taught to follow instructions and helped to eat their meals, wash their hands & dry them, or carry their favourite toys. They assist your child in becoming school ready with a lot of ease.

Important Factors Considered for A Child’s School Readiness

• Physical Development

A child should be able to hold a pencil to write or read the basic letters or digits. They should be able to use colour crayons to draw on a paper and understand the difference between colours.

• Social Skills

This is very much required as at the children would be in groups, so they need to be able to share, follow rules, finish tasks, take turns and pay attention when something is being told to them.

• Emotional Development

They should be ready to handle extreme emotions such as anger, frustration, being upset or show happiness about something they feel good about.

• Practical Skills

Children should be able to wash their hands and dry them independently, use the toilet without any assistance, or eat lunch without having to be helped by anyone.

• Communicating Abilities

It is important that young children learn how to communicate clearly with older adults other than the family members. This will help them to ask for help as and when required.

When your child is equipped with all these aspects of life, you know that your child is school ready and can happily send the little one to school for a long duration. You can feel happy about having a child growing happily at home as well as in the school.