Importance of Day Care Nursery in Bedgrove:


Many times, the choice of sending your child to a Day Care Nursery is dictated by your job or career demands resulting in you not being able to attend to your child during work hours. Regardless of the reasons, you can be assured that there are a lot of positive advantages which impact the development of your child as they progress and move ahead to the next stage of schooling.

Generally, Day Nurseries follow the framework of EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage. This basically garners the child with a structure of care and learning from birth till they are 5 years old. Moreover, the staff at KKDC - a Day Care Nursery in Bedgrove are trained to create a stimulating and safe surrounding for your child to relish and develop efficiently.

An erudite in educational psychology from the Oxford University, Professor Kathy Sylva, cited that generally for the transition from nursery to primary schooling, the kids who begin attending classes under the age of about two years, form great relations at the primary schools.

A brief study which was carried out in the London University, printed in summer in the year 2013, stated that a child who spent 3 years or considerably more in a nursery has the capability to advance in his academics and attain more understanding than other students of their age.

Most of the parents who are working generally feel guilty to leave their child in nurseries. However, you do not need to be like those parents because KKDC, one of the best Day Care Nursery in Bedgrove offers a lot of advantages:

• KKDC as a Nursery Assists and Prepares Your Kid for Schooling:

Kids benefit a lot by blending and communicating with other kids of their age. Therefore, they are comparatively more prepared and are better-trained when they begin schooling.

They are able to easily adapt to the learning surroundings and develop social skills. Moreover, they feel more secure and happy in new surroundings. The nursery also enables and helps your kid to develop a sense of confidence in relation to the adults.

On a different note, the nursery helps and encourages your kid to do various things on their own, such as finding a tissue and cleaning their nose, cleaning things up, washing hands, and many such things. A Nursery also inculcates within a child, a sense of realization to wait for their turn patiently till the others are done. Moreover, going to a nursery endows them with an idea of how they must behave in public.

• We as a Nursery Assist and Encourage Playtime for Kids:

Your kid gets a chance to learn and play in a small or big group. They benefit a lot from playing with other kids as they are able to imbibe in confidence and develop their social oriented skills.

A toddler must be taught to remain active from a young age, therefore it is essential to encourage them to be good in both outdoor and indoor activities. You must teach your child to love outdoor games compared to watching television. At home, it is an easy job to turn on the television set to get some free time for you, however, playing is essentially important for a kid as it helps to develop his muscles and coordination.

Therefore, sending a child to KKDC, a day care nursery in Bedgrove where they can groom their skills is a better decision than keeping them at home.