Importance of Secure Attachments for Children in Their Growing Age


A secure child-parent bonding is very much necessary for the healthy growth of the child. It is through the caring behaviour of the parents that the child learns about a sense of worth, to be caring to others and show empathy as and when a situation arises. A stronger parent-child bonding ensures that the child will have highself-esteem and would be better equipped to deal with the people around. This also helps them to build a strong relationship with peers in the future.

Importance of Secure Attachments

A secure attachment helps a child to build a positive view about self, relationships and all the people around the child. This is an adult attachment style where both the participants in the relationship values themselves as well as the relationship. A child having secure attachments with parents is more likely to develop a positive attitude in life and value all the all the people around them including their friends and peers.

Provide A Foundation for A Healthy Growth in Children

Providing a platform for secure attachments to your child can be the best give as a parent. This way you will be laying the foundation for a healthy physical, emotional, intellectual as well as social development. A securely attached child will be able to explore life more enthusiastically and learn a lot of life skills effortlessly.

Ensure Constructive Behaviour in Your Child

Children who are securely attached are more likely to have socially constructive behaviour. They will be less aggressive in their behaviour and show empathy towards other people around them. They are more likely to be creative in nature and show persistence in meeting their life’s challenges as they are better equipped to face and cope with their life’s difficulties. Also, a securely attached child is more receptive to learning.

How to Achieve Secure Attachments for Your Children?

It can only be developed by creating a healthy living environment within the house. You will have to show respect for all the members in the family and showing care and empathy towards the child. You should make your children feel valued for being themselves. A positive environment within the house makes for building a positive attitude in all the members of the family.


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