Indulge Your Kids in Some Fun Ways of Eating Healthy Foods


Getting your kids to eat a proper nutritious diet like vegetables, fruits, whole grains is a challenging task in itself. Kids’ mealtime involves a lot of jumping around, running behind them, scolding and many more; yet you fail to make them eat after so much of effort. The only way to have them sitting on the table if you do it their way and i.e. turn mealtime into fun time. Let us discuss today a few fun ways of eating healthy foods for your child and how you should do it.

• Do It Yourself Snack

When talking about fun food for kids, you as a parent would first think that who has time for such things these days! When that is true to every extent but feeding your kids is as important as your work. You don’t have to spend a lot of time hiding out in the kitchen and make food for them, instead involve them into it. Kids are the ones who always take pleasure from the tasks they don’t get to do often. When they do it themselves, the eating part becomes easier.

• Showcase One Of Their Favourite Foods Daily

Kids’favourite food mostly involves pizza, pasta, meatballs so on and so forth. Having them daily is never a good idea but you can always make them in home giving it a healthy touch. For example, you can make quick pizzas by spreading tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on whole wheat pitas and your little one will add the toppings. While your kid does it, you can make him eat rest of the nutritious stuff you like.

• Hide The Ingredients Into Smoothies

You might have noticed your kids’ indulgence in the marketed so-called health drinks and how they love to drink them. You have to use that opportunity at your home as well. You can easily hide dairy, nondairy products, fruits, even cooked vegetables in a mixer grinder and easily turn it into smoothies. A kid who does not love milk, yogurt at the lunchwill easily drink the smoothies if you decorate it just like the restaurants does. Add choco chips at the surface or make smiley faces with liquid chocolates and watch how it vanishes in no time.

In this decade, when most of the parents are working, it is pretty much impossible to have a 3-course meal with your kid or make them eat time to time. Fun ways of eating healthy foods might sound fun for parents but it does involve a little bit of your time at least 3 times a day. Kids Kingdom Day Care is one such pre-school nursery. Here, we know the value of healthy eating and our trained professionals know how to make your kids eat with ease. So, if you have time crunch it is time for you to contact us for the best care of your child.