KKDC Offers Qualified SENCO to Support Children with Disability:


Feeling lost and helpless is the most dreadful situation that anyone can go through. Children are most vulnerable if they are ever lost. It is very crucial to educate your children how to act according to the situation when they cannot find their parents. While most of the parents consider that safety information and tips are only for children aged five or more, we at KKDC always encourage coaching your child before preschool. KKDC is one of the most sought-afterchildren nurseries in Aylesburyto take care of social safety and need of children


At KKDC, we take care of our preschoolers very conscientiously and don't let them play outside onthe ground or even walk outside alone. Only the parents are entitled to pick up their child from our daycare centre. Apart from that we also believe in reinforcing some general ideas into the child's mind to empower them and help them to act smart in a situation of need.

Educational Methods at KKDC To Help Children Deal with Situation if They Are Lost:

Coaching About Safety:

It is not an easy task to teach a child about fear and uncertainty. Our trained and caring staff speak to them with utmost care to let them know about fear and anxiousness. We believe that it is important to pointing out positive aspects of anentity rather than highlighting the negative ones. Since children are sensitive and tender by nature it could hurt them easily.

Learning ThroughRole-Playing:

Children learn best when they get demonstrated regarding any situation.Children are always inquisitive and loaded with numerous questions. If we try to explain a situation about getting lost right away they might not able to comprehend the situation. They might bombard with unnecessary questions and easily divert from the topic.Acting is easier than just talking to a preschooler and children below eight years old.Our knowledgeable staff always perform their role play positively without making them scared. We also help preschoolers to identify another Mommy. Since preschoolers cannot differentiate the uniforms of the police officers than others, our stafffocus on helping them identify a Mommy.We create stimulatingthe environmentand play a role accordingly to encourage them in every way.

Tips for Parents:

Teaching Children About the Importance of Waiting:

It is important to teach your child to stay put where they are. An anxious kid may attract unwanted attention as well as perpetrators.

Educate them to Recognize Other Moms for Help:

Even after staying put and calling by name doesn't work, it is advisable to teach your children to find another Mommy for assistance.

Mentor Your Child to Call by Your Real Name:

It is very difficult to locate a child in the middle of a crowd who is shouting either "Mommy or "Daddy".It is very crucial that your children learn to call you either by first or lastname, which would be helpful to locate them in a crowd.

At KKDC we always try to imbibepositivityamong children so that they do not panic during an hour of need and can act accordingly to get help.