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Day care nurseries play a great role in taking care of children and grooming them in their early years. However, it is not always easy for a small child to adjust to a new environment and the company of unknown people. It requires a lot of care, affection, and love to make the child feel comfortable even when the parents are not around. KKDC (Kids Kingdom Day Care) takes care of this fear of separation anxiety, and helps each and every child to cope with it easily.

What is Separation Anxiety?

In the initial few days, when children arrive at a day care nursery, they start crying, get upset or just cling on to the parents not wanting to let go. These are generally reactions of the children for being separated from parents. Young children generally do not have a sense of time and they do not understand when their parents will return to pick them up. Separation anxiety differs from one child to another.

Trained Staff at KKDC Helps Children Ease Separation Anxiety

KKDC, a well-known day care nursery in Aylesbury has trained staff who are apt at taking care of children during their stay at the nursery. All the members are experienced in handling young children. They have dedicated 'Key Workers' for your child so that your child gets used to their presence easily.

Here, Is What They Do to Help Your Child Be Happy Even During Your Absence

• They counsel parents who enrol their child at the nursery so that they prepare the child to deal with separation. This may involve telling them about the time they are going to spend at the nursery and stories about how children spend time together at a nursery.

• They put in efforts in understanding the child's psychology and temperament and accordingly deal with each child to become comfortable with their transition.

• They emphasise on a slow start where the child would be left at the nursery for a short span of time and then slowly increase the duration so that the child gets enough time to adjust. They also suggest developing a "Good Bye" habit to make them understand the situation.

• Communication is the key. The staff at KKDC does their best to communicate with each child to understand them better along with their needs and cater to their emotional requirements accordingly.

• They also insist the parents to tell the children about when they will come back to pick them up. Meanwhile, they can play with other children. This helps in building a trust level between the parents and their children. And, they also learn to wait for them to come back and pick them up.

It is a slow process of getting children accustomed to the day care environment. It requires a lot of patience and understanding in both the parents as well as the care giver. It is also important to make the care giver aware of any special needs of the child so that it all can be met at the day care nursery.

Our ethos with children circles around patience and tailor-made care and education.