KKDC Offers Qualified SENCO to Support Children with Disability:


Every child goes through a developmental process, from infant to teen to adulthood. During all these stages, a child grows physically, mentally, socially, and intellectually. Nowadays, parents send their children to day care nurseries where they are looked after during their absence and also helped in receiving a quality education.

There are children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), where their developmental phase is slower than other children of their age.They generally have learning problem where they learn at a slower rate than others. Parents who have children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are generally hesitant to send their children to day carecentres, thinking that their little child would not be getting enough support to deal with their disability or overcome the same over time.

KKDC (Kids Kingdom Day Care) is a renowned name in the UK for providing quality care to young children under the age of 5 years. We have qualified and experienced staff to look after your children during your absence, which is what has helped us in garnering a reputation in this domain.

How KKDC Helps Special Needs Children

KKDC has experienced and qualified staff to help and support your child. They provide help in different areas

  • Help children express themselves properly and also help them to understand what others say to them.
  • Help in organising themselves so that they evolve and become able to handle various things in life.
  • They help children in mixing with others and make friends with them.
  • Children are taught how to behave and conduct themselves in public.
  • They help them with reading picture story books, understand and eventually try their hands-on writing too.

KKDC Strictly Maintains Special Educational Needs Policy

  • They treat all children as individuals and regard them equally so that they all feel valued.
  • Children are given access to a broad, balanced as well as a relevant curriculum to enhance their learning ability.
  • Children with SEN will be given equal priority as other children.
  • They have SENCO professionals to look after the day to day operations and maintain the policy.
  • They discuss the requirements of children with SEN with their parents, to be able to cater to them properly and also give them regular feedback about their growth and development of children.
  • They have responsible staff who helps children based on their individual needs. They also work in collaboration with authorised agencies to provide the best care to children with special needs.
  • They always adhere to the code of practice for special education needs.