KKDC Takes Every Care to Help Your Child Deal with Problems at Day Care:


When your child starts going to a day care for the first time, it is not always easy for him to cope with the change. For many children, it may be the first time that they would be staying so long away from their home. Though there are many benefits of sending your child to a day care, such as the learning opportunities, sharing, caring, making friends etc, however, for the little one, it is difficult to cope up with the new place and the people around.

Let's Discuss Problems Faced by Children at A Day Care and How the Staff at KKDC Helps Them Deal With:

Children Miss the Home Environment:

It is really difficult for the young ones to get used to the new environment of day care. The experienced staff at KKDC does everything they can to make your child feel comfortable. They provide them all the attention and care to understand their individual needs and cater to them accordingly. They also include a lot of playtimes and make the children get engrossed with it. This helps in creating a bonding among children.

Difficulty in Learning and Getting Aggressive:

Toddlers may find it difficult to learn about sharing, taking turns, waiting, standing in a queue etc. as they are already dealing with the difficult task of learning the language and be able to talk. This may lead to frustration and anger. And, they may engage in fighting, hitting, pushing, biting etc. KKDC (Kids Kingdom Day Care) staff never leave children unattended and also help them find more appropriate ways to channelize their anger or aggression. The staff also meet parents and discuss a strategy to help their child if this kind of aggressive behaviour becomes persistent.

Risk of Getting Hurt While Developing Motor Skills:

Children learn various motor skills at this age. Many children may have a poor motor planning and may end up falling, getting bumps or scratches on the body. KKDC staff makes it a point to be present with them all the time to avoid these kinds of accidents and save them from getting hurt. They always supervise children and hence they always follow the norm of caregiver vs child ratio as per the age of children.

Risk of Catching Contagious Diseases:

Falling sick is another big problem that children face at this tender age. The risk of contagious illness is more at a day care as these small children do not know how to cover their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing. Chances of spreading viruses or bacteria are more in this kind of an environment. The caregivers at KKDC maintain all the cleanliness and hygiene to make the area free of microorganisms like bacteria, virus. The motto of KKDC is to provide a safe environment to children so that they can grow in happiness and stay healthy.