Let Your Children "Think Through Fingers"at KKDC:

  • Do you think reading is enough to inculcate cognitive skills among your children?
  • Do you perceive math is the best way to grow intelligence in your children?

As parents, people tend to overlook the importance of developing pre-writing skills among children. At KKDC we never ignore the significance of pre-writing readiness. Being one of the sought-afterDay Care Nurseries in Aylesbury, we always focus on overall improvement of children in the UK.

Are Pre-Writing Skills Significant for Your Children?

Pre-writing skills are as important as other skills to enhance legible writing. These skills help children to get introduced to activities such as holding a pencil, moving a pen efficiently and effectively.If pre-writing skills are not properly developed it could affect your child negatively in the future and may find difficulties in the academic arena and career growth.

Educating children about pre-writing skills are not necessarily painful as people perceive so. We harbouraninnovative way to teach them. We believe letters and alphabets are basics of writing skills.Little hands also get habituated to write symbols and letter using elements such as play dough and building blocks, as they never get tired of playing.

The Procedure KKDC Follows to Enhance Pre-Writing Skills Among Children:

Play Dough

It is one of the most efficient ways to make children fall in love with writing. This play therapy is full of fun and child-friendly activity. Play doughis a soft material which children are always delighted to play and squeeze with. Our skilled staff at KKDC encouragesusing play dough as a calming material for children.

Finger Strengthening Activities

We include daily household chores such as opening a bottle or container as play therapies. It assists children to bolster fingers and hands.

Building Blocks or Construction Games

Construction related games such as building blocks with the help of Duplo or Lego, enhance the motor sensory skills among children.Motor-sensory skills are very crucial to enrich visual-spatial skills, fingers and hands movement. Our brick activities involve the creation of alphabet, objects,and numbers using Lego blocks.

Drawingand Colouring Shapes Related to Pre-Writing

The practiceof colouring and drawing help children to identify different shapes such as circles, zigzags, vertical lines, triangles, curved lines, oval, rectangles, diamond shapes and many more. Drawing is a great method to nurture writing readiness and creativity among children. AtKids Kingdom Daycare, we prioritize the safety of children, so we use safe paints, watercolour,andcrayons.Pencil strokes of most alphabets, shapes,and numbers help children to recognize early drawing.


We encourage children to build new stuff using old materials or boxes. They can create buses, houses,dolls using wool, old clothes, egg cartons etc.

Finger Paint

Finger paint using paper, easel or table could also benefit the pre-writing skills among children. It helps children to copy or imitate the shapes, numbers which are helpful for writing readiness.

Scissor Projects (only for 3-4 years)

It involves snipping several geometric shapes. After that, we encourage kids to patch into one object such as a boat, house,and many such structures.