How to Alleviate Parents Fare of Leaving Their Children at Nursery


Just like your little one, coping with the separation anxiety can be tough for you. It is absolutely normal to worry about your child when he or she starts day care or nursery school. Thoughts like whether they'll be able to cope without you or whether the care giver will meet their needs or not are normal with parents whose children have just started KKDC.

Saying goodbye to your little one on the first day at KKDC can be difficult for you too. So along with preparing your child to cope with the separation anxiety, it is necessary that you prepare yourself too. Whimpering is very natural for a child who is leaving parents for the first time, but you need to stay strong to ease the anxiety.

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So how will you make sure that you don't make a fuss while leaving your child at KKDC for the first time? Here are some tips that will help you alleviate your fears and cope with the separation anxiety:

Familiarise Your Child and Yourself with the New Environment

Most children will take time to get accustomed with the new surroundings, so it is a good idea to visit KKDC before starting a regular routine. This will help your child to know and explore the new environment and you will have a good idea about the type of care your child will get.

Communicate with the Care-Giver

If you are very afraid of leaving your child alone, then you can communicate with the care-giver to check whether they are the right people to leave your child with. Ask about the type of care they provide, how they soothe crying children, how they help children get accustomed, etc. This will give you enough confidence to leave your child at KKDC.

Avoid Rushing

Avoid rushing during the transition period. Rushing might leave both of you feeling stressed and anxious. Have enough time in hand when you arrive at KKDC on the first day. Stay calm and say goodbye and tell your child that you'll be back to them home. If you make promises, such as 'I'll stay here till nursery finishes' or 'we'll go shopping afterwards', make sure you keep them.

Control Your Emotions

This is very important. Children are very perceptive and know how you feel. So to make things easier, you should have a smile on your face, when saying 'goodbye'. If you are sad or cry in front of your child, they'll think they should cry as well. Never let your feelings come to your face, even though you feel miserable inside.

Talk With Your Child

Once the day ends, talk to your child about their day at KKDC. Ask about their new friends, the activities they did and what other things they did for fun. This will strengthen the bonding with her care-giver and new friends and you will feel confident knowing your child is safe and getting accustomed with the new environment.

Children are smart enough and they adapt to new surroundings quite easily, so there is nothing much to worry about. It is natural to feel worried about your child when leaving them for the first time, but with proper planning and speaking to KKDC you can alleviate all your fears.