How Important Is Attending Pre-School Nursery For A Child


Right from the day our children are born, we are attached to them emotionally and we hesitate to let them go away from our supervision. This is the reason why many parents don't wish to send their children to school. It is their anxiety that stops the child from exploring a whole new world. Most parents say, their children are too small to be left alone and adapt to a new environment.

Yes they are very young and need the parent's supervision at every step but it is equally essential to make them understand the importance of being independent. Today's pre-schools are designed to help the little souls prepare to face the world outside and catch up with future academic, emotional, and social success.

Importance of Pre-School Nursery

Have you ever thought why so many pre-schools get introduced each year? It is because a pre-school nursery holds great importance in preparing a child to face the challenges of elementary school. There are no formal rules and regulations followed by the pre-school nurseries, but they help the child to explore new arenas, play and learn under the guidance of experienced teachers.

A pre-school nursery helps the child to gain some basic knowledge and information that they will require once they start attending the elementary school. Studies show, pre-schools help in a child's development and children who have attended pre-schools show better academic performance. Here are some more reasons why you would want your child to attend a pre-school nursery:

Develop Social and Emotional Skills

At a pre-school nursery the child learns important social and emotional skills like sharing space with others, waiting for turns, following instructions, playing together, etc. by attending pre-school children get to interact with other children of the same age group which helps in development of true social skills. In many cases, children who had not performed well at home, excel in school and overcome introvert tendencies.

Learn while Playing

The activities and programs at pre-schools are designed to help the children learn the basics through play. They are introduced to alphabets, numbers, sentence structuring, and language skills. Many schools take children for nature walks that give them the exposure to nature and its various elements.

Nurture Creativity

Children attending pre-school nursery get a lot of opportunity to develop creative skills through crafty and artistic activities. Children often restrain from showing creative self at home due to the fear of being scold. But in schools they have complete freedom, so they can let their imaginations fly.

Motor Skill Development

In a pre-school nursery, the children perform various activities involving running and climbing, that help in development of motor skills. Interactive games help in development of physical development and balance. Other activities develop the hand-eye coordination and other types of coordination skills.

Prepare the Child for High School

Children who have not attended pre-schools often face difficulty in following instructions at elementary and high school and have problem parting with their parents. This indirectly affects their academic performances. Thus attending a pre-school nursery is very important to prepare a child for primary schools and beyond.

It is very important for your child to improve his socialising, learning and social skills. So as parents it is essential that you find a good pre-school nursery for your child and help him excel in life.