6 Reasons Why KKDC Is the Preferred Day Care Centre in Aylesbury


A Kids Kingdom Day Care (KKDC) is a day care centre which offers specialised care to children of up to 5 years. It was formed with a vision of providing premium care to children from birth to five years of their age. KKDC focusses on raising children by providing them with the opportunity of learning and discovering through play. Hence creating a strong foundation before they actually embark on their journey to the primary school. The staff at KKDC ensure a holistic development of the children by providing the best possible start in their life.

Learning in a Fun Way

The staff at KKDC always provide the best care to children in the most affectionate way. They make children feel comfortable even without the presence of their parents. They are encouraged to play and mingle with other children their age. Hence, it helps the little ones learn things faster.

Safe, Stimulating and Nurturing Environment

KKDC believes in providing the young ones with a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment so that the children who spend their day there, can just be themselves and also have a voice of their own. Maybe all of them will not be able to speak at such a tender age, however, they will still be able to show signs of what they like or dislike.

Child Proof Area

The entire area of Kids Kingdom Day Care is childproofed. It ensures minimum accidents and children hurting themselves. They also maintain the child vs Staff ratio to make sure that your baby is properly looked after.

On Call Doctor

KKDC is registered with Buckinghamshire County Council. They always adhere to the safety norms that any day care centre is supposed to maintain. They always have an on-call doctor who attends children in case of any sickness or if at all they get hurt.

Good and Healthy Food

Kids Kingdom also focusses on providing a healthy and freshly cooked food to children on board with them. They also provide freshly squeezed juice to them.

Additional Learning Support

KKDC also makes your children learn French, Creative musical dance, Makaton and take part in Sensory activities.

Kids Kingdom Day Care is one of the most renowned day care centres in the United Kingdom. They provide a safe, developing and nurturing environment to children on board with them.