What Should a Preschool Room at a Nursery School Have?


Preschool years are the most exciting time for children since they reach a new milestone and they also start exploring the world around in their own way. They make friends, start expressing their feeling and most importantly they start going to school.

Pre-schools and teachers play an important role in the preschool years in terms of development, so parents should choose the preschools very carefully. However, enrolling your child to a reputed school is not enough. You must choose a preschool that offers the right opportunities and facilities that help in the overall development of your child. Today's preschools design their curriculum and classrooms in a way that they help the children nurture their in-built qualities and aid overall development.

What to Expect in a Preschool Room?

As a parent you must know what a preschool room should offer. Most preschool rooms are large, colourful and divided into various interest areas. Each area is provided with appropriate materials, tools and activities to help the child explore new things, improve their imagination and learn to share with peers. The preschool rooms are specially designed to help the child develop various skills such as cognitive, social, physical and gross and fine motor skills. The classrooms are organised in a way to encourage the children learn new things and interact with their peers in a positive manner.

Most of today's preschools encourage play-based learning instead of academic learning, since it more scientific and helps children learn faster. So instead of deciding what the children should learn, they are given the liberty to choose what they want to do. The progress is evaluated through their activities, involvement and various other parameters.

Even though the arrangements vary with different schools, the common learning centres that almost all preschools have are:

  • Maths and Science sections
  • Creativity
  • Dramatic (Imaginative) Play
  • TFine and Gross Motor Skill development area
  • Reading corner
  • Sensory play area and
  • Outdoor play area

So when looking for a preschool for your child, you must ensure that the preschool you are considering has all the above in addition to the other things that they offer. It is always recommended to avoid preschools that don't have separate rooms for toddlers, preschoolers and babies. Since the demands are different, the schools should designate specific rooms for children of a particular age group to ensure quicker development of capabilities.

Preschool years are the most important years of your child's life, so make sure you get the best for them. A lot depends on the kind of exposure your child gets during the preschool years, so choosing the right preschool is very important. So start looking for a preschool early, so that you have enough time to inspect the various aspects and make the right decision. Children who have the best preschool experiences do good in life. Help your child prepare for the future struggles by enrolling them in a good preschool.