Raise Your Children as Future Leaders with Magic Language "Makaton":


Do you want to see your child excel in classroom activities? Do you envision your child to be successful in professional and personal life? Learning Makaton language can definitely help your child to communicate better with others. Being one of the reputable and reliable Day Care Nurseries in Aylesbury, KKDC pledges to teach your child to communicate effectively


Makaton is a special sign language method to facilitate the communication. Verbal communication along with different gestures, symbols, and signs are used for Makaton language. It is derived from British Sign Language. The symbols and signs are practiced with expressions as well as with the help of drawings.

Makaton improves sociability skills among children and assists in communication with a complementary and flexible approach.

How KKDC Creatively Teach "Makaton" To Your Children:

We have veteran and talented actor and dancer Elisa Evans to take special interactive sessions with children. She is professionally trained in level one and two in Makaton language. She is also associated with Noizee Productions, one of the leading entertainment organizations in the South Buckinghamshire region. All the performers of Noizee Productions are DBS certified to provide a safe environment for children. So, with the help Ms. Evans and her team, KKDC uniquely and innovatively educate children with this language program of Makaton. The programme has been specially crafted to support and guide children with signs, symbols, and spoken language.

Procedures Qualified Team of KKDC Follows:

  • We capture the attention of children by asking who they are and then encourage them to look at our staff.
  • We help children get acquainted with the sign and symbolic keywords.
  • After the children get familiarized with this, our staff employ only keyword basis communication process but maintaining the grammar of the phrases and sentences.
  • We apply a certain tone of speech or voice to make them understand the human emotions (Example: sit down, play with the ball, and please come inside). Three different sentences convey different types of emotions; facial expressions vary along with that. Our staff always try to play in accordance with the tone of voice to convey what they mean as an individual.
  • Our staff is consistent with the usage of signs and gestures towards children, not making them puzzled. Since they are learning it for the first time we always put extra effort and care.
  • We use structural and repetitive models of Makaton sign languages, every time to train them in certain activities.
  • The trained staff of KKDC use their dominant hand (right hand) to teach the children in a better way and maintain the synchronization in communication. We use sign and keywords of the toilet or break time to give children an overall idea of daily communication.
  • Since Ms. Evans is a veteran actor and performer, she is quite adept to use facial expression as her mode of communication with children, like she demonstrates when she is tired or angry.
  • We always provide praise and encouragement to boost up children to learn and engage more in activities.
  • Last but not the least, we support children with special learning abilities or autism to make them understand the sign language. If they face difficulties we always go an extra mile to assist them.