Secure Attachment is the Basis of a Healthy Future for Your Child


A secure attachment between a parent and their child is very important to shape the future of the child for better. You can't make the bond with materialistic things or lavish lifestyle or verbal communications. You will bond with your child through non-verbal communications, emotions, and sensitivity will help you to bond with your children. With strong emotional attachments, your child will feel secure from the outside world which will help them to act freely without any hesitations. They will have the confidence to communicate with society.

Significance of the Secure Bond at the Early Age of a Child's Life

Though you can bond with your child at any age, however, at the early age of your child, it is easier to communicate with them. A child first communicates with theparents first before they communicate with others. These relationships will nature any of their future relations. It is also very important to develop their character, personality, confidence, adaptive capacity, sensitivity, and empathy level and having a secure attachment with the child matters a lot during this time.

Effects of Lack of Secure Bonds in Their Growth

A lack of bonding or secure attachment can make your child into a dangerous adult. They can grow behavioural problems and can’t grow the ability to cope up with any adverse situations. They will lack confidence in their future life and can grow into a vulnerable and unethical person. It is proven that a secure bond makes parenting easier and you can guide your kids properly to accomplish the goal of their life.Some parents with traumatic past fail to grow a secure bond with their children or someone low self-esteemed can reflect their personality into their kids.

How to Grow a Healthy Bond with Your Child

With strong emotional bonding or secure attachment, your child will have the confidence to share every detail of their life and you will be able to be more involved in your kids’ daily life. You need to spend time with them as much as you can. You can do some activities together, such as reading, drawing, playing together. While doing these activities you can sometimes let them lead to grow their confidence and to make the activity more entertaining. You need to be responsive and sensitive with their every need.

In Kids Kingdom Day Care, we will provide your child with the secure environment and encourage secure attachment between parents and children to grow into a balanced person by ensuring that they feel respected and valued, especially during the time you are away from them because of your busy schedule. To gather more information visit us or contact us now.