Special Needs Children at Private Day Nursery


Good quality childcare is beneficial for all children since it is proven to help with the overall development and independence of children. Choosing the right childcare is even more necessary if you child has special needs. If your child has Special Educational Needs (SEN) you need to be extra cautious while choosing a private day nursery.

Thereare laws to protect your child against discrimination and offer them with the best support, services and education, but you should look for nurseries that have SEN policies to show their responsibilities towards special needs children and theirrequirements. As a parent, you should always make nursery education accessible for your special needs child, since a nursery is a social learning platform where children learn to mix and interact with others, develop various skills and develop a solid foundation for academic learning.

To make sure you child gets the necessary care, it is up to you to findprivate nursery schools such as KKDC that are willing to go a step ahead to help your special needs child. If you find such a nursery, talk to the head of the institution about your child's specific difficulties and the kind of extra care or attention your child will need.

So what are the things you should consider when looking for a nursery that cares for special needs children? Here is a list of the basic questions that you should ask the nursery:

  • Do they have the experience in looking after children with special needs? If yes, ask what type of care was provided, how they helped in the child's development, etc.
  • Does the nursery have a Special Educational Needs Coordinator? These are people who help with your child's educational needs and act as a link between the staff and the parents.
  • Does the nursery maintain different environments for mainstream children and special needs children?

Under the Equality Act, every child with special needs should be treated equally and has the right to same play and learning opportunities as other children. Also, no nursery can charge you extra for your child's disabilities. So it is very much possible for you to find a nursery that is willing to take care of your special needs child.

Make sure the nursery you choose has special programs and activities for children with special needs and involves specialists to help the children achieve complete development. The nursery should also have staff that are trained to manage special needs children.

It is true that as a parent of a special needs child, you may have to face certain difficulties but you should never keep your child deprived of early education. Nursery education helps children in many ways and prepares them to face the challenges of adulthood. So make sure you find the best nursery for your special needs children and help them cope with their difficulties.

Pre-schools or nurseries can make growing up fun for the children and make life less stressful as well as help your child explore the world around them.