How We Take Care of Sick Children At KKDC:


Wondering how to take care of sick childrenwith an important meeting scheduled at work.Do you want to keep them at home or drop at the daycare centre? KKDC being the reputed private nursery in Buckinghamshire assists you with taking care of sick children.

Sick children,How We Cope with The Situationat KKDC:

Presence of Structured Sick Policies

At KKDC, we follow structured sick policies with no attendance guidelines. We understand your concern as well as the welfare of other children too. Our trained and professional staff always take care of children with utmost care without any discrimination.So, we discuss with every parent not to send their children toa daycarecentre with a serious health condition. If any child has puked in a substantial amount (between 24-48 hours), then we are bound to follow some restrictions of no attendance. At KKDC we always follow a holistic approach and look after the health of every child at our daycare centre.

Personal Hygiene of Staff and Children

We always insist our staff maintain cleanliness at KKDC. We consider hand hygiene is the most important factor to prevent illness. Our professionals always clean their hands very often especially after changing the diapers, before feeding, after using the restroom, cleaning slobber or stool of the toddlers. We always train and encourage our employees to use sanitizers properly for protecting children.

Educating Children About A Cough and Sneeze Technique

A contagious disease like fever, flu, sore throat, runny nose can easily spread through coughing and sneezing. So, our staff train children about the correct technique of sneezing and coughing while playing or sitting among other children.

Immunity Fortifying Diet

At KKDC we take care of the dietary needs of children in a personalised way. Our professional nutritionist prepares the meal plans based on the body weight, season and health conditions of the children onboard with us. Diet of children at KKDC includes easily digestible, healthy foods including various fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, oranges, beans, apples, carrots, legumes sothat their immunity gets strengthened. Essential vitamins rich foods help children to fight diseases so that they don't fall sick easily.

Advocacy for Vaccines Records of Your Children

At KKDC, we are very particular about maintaining a health record history for every child. We always put on record for vaccines and important immunization of children at our daycare centre very minutely. We urge parents to immunize their child before admitting to our centreif failed to do so we again assist them by recommending our in-housepediatrician. Our staff is also vaccinated against life-threatening diseases. Safety of your children is of utmost importance to us than anything else.

Restraining Cross-Contamination

At KKDC we keep a watchful eye towards every child at ournursery so that they don't put any objects in their mouth. Children are in general,very curious and tend to put almost everything inside their mouth and susceptible to thecross-contamination.

KKDC is always ready to go the extra mile to provide care for your children. The healthof a child is not predictable as they are very delicate in nature. When a child is found to be sick at our daycare centre, we contact their parents on an immediate basis. We also have our in-house pediatrician to take care of children until their parents are available.