Fun Games, The Best Way to Inculcate Good Behaviour Among Children:


Are you feeling exhausted to find new ways to teach your children about the right thing? Do you feel flustered about the behaviour of your children in public? Giving a lecture about the etiquettes can merely help your children to do the right thing. KKDC, being the Children nurseries in Aylesbury teach about etiquettes and decorum through fun games. We help children to learn about responsibility, compassion, kindness, and patience through different kind of fun games. You children would learn different lessons without even noticing about them.

“Mother May I” game:

Responsible Care Givers:

How KKDC play:

Our caring and responsible staff Ms. Natalie Watson (group leader) line up the little players facing towards her. She gives commands every single child to hop forward, one at a time. She calls each child by their name and asks to reply as a mother may I? She either says “yes you may” or “no you may not”. Only after the command, children jump or hop towards her. If any child fails to do so, he or she may go back to the starting line as a punishment. We keep playing until a child reaches to the mother.

Benefits of playing the game:

The game teaches children to be respectful and improves listening skills. It helps children to understand that they must also listen to the opinions of others in order to be respectful.

Building and crafting a train together:


How we play:

Ms. Tasra Hussain, Acting Nursery Manager arranges various sized cardboard boxes, which are safe and hygienic for the children at KKDC. She also organizes the other important accessories such as markers, glue safe for children, paper, and stickers to create wonderful and colourful boxes. She instructs children to create a team or make them work in a team without making any conflicts. After the creation of decorative boxes, she encourages children to arrange them into an array. No team of children can put the boxes into an array if they have not completed the decorations. Each team of children has to include windows, doors, wheels, and chimneys to create the perfect bogey of a train. Once the array has been completed, they are encouraged to hop in the boxes and make a sound of an imaginary train.

Benefits of playing the game:

Build a train game helps children to learn the value of teamwork and perseverance. It also helps children to learn about the accomplishment. When a toddler or preschooler, trained in KKDC start the schooling, would not feel the peer pressure and put-downs. The fun game teaches them about the importance of teamwork.

The cheer up game:

The game is very simple yet very effective for children. Our reliable trained nurse asks children to draw different types of faces and expressions such as angry, sick, and sad on a large piece of paper and put them into a basket. Then we ask the children to draw out the paper one by one. If a child draws out a paper with emotions of sad, then we ask the child to act as he or she is crying. Then we ask other children to console the poor soul and help to drive away the sorrow.

Benefits of playing the game:

The game is very important to develop empathy among the children. The game teaches the children to pay respect to others and not hurting them intentionally.