The Importance of Secure Attachments to Ensure a Healthy Future for Your Child


Secure attachment is not something that is founded by the quality of your care or the parental love you show daily, but a nonverbal emotional communication you develop with your child. Although this attachment can be formed at any age but easier and helpful to form this emotional bond with an infant to ensure your child has the best possible start in life. Let us get into a few facts about the importance of having secure attachments with your children and how it can impact the future mental, physical, the social and emotional health of your kids.

How a Secure Bond Can Have an Enormous Impact in Your Kids

A secure attachment can provide young children with benefits such as a sense of trust, a willingness to explore, a positive view of oneself, an understanding of empathy, the ability to express, maintain calmness in any given situation and develop a healthy relationship with people. On the other hand, children with insecure attachments have significantly more externalizing and internalizing problems which lead to poor outcomes such as behavioral problems, trouble regulating emotions, difficulty interacting with peers and even with parents.

Why Some Parents Fail To Develop Secure Attachments with Their Children

Parents with inconsistent or chaotic caregivers when they were younger face difficulty providing a supportive relationship for their own children. Many parents who have a negative self-image, unwittingly extend to their children and the unresolved trauma in their own lives tend to affect the child in their growing age. But the good side is, the skills of being a nurturing, supportive, responsive parent can be relearned as an adult too if you are willing to develop a healthy mental state in your children.

A Few Things Parents Can Do To Develop Secure Attachments to Their Infants

  • Make eye contact with your children while talking.
  • Smile back every time your kid smiles at you.
  • Express warmth and touch.
  • Be sensitive and responsive to their needs and feelings.
  • Get in tune with your child
  • Follow your child’s lead in the play and cooperate with them
  • Read together whenever you get time.

When Parents Have Time Crunch, We Are Here To Help You

While most parents understand the importance of having secure attachments with their kids but they fail to provide it due to time constraint. The world is to blame for it not the parents. Kids Kingdom Day Care(KKDC) is a daycarecenter in Aylesbury which provides a positive environment for all the children onboard to help them develop a healthy emotional state for their future. We ensure that the children feel valued and respected all the time in daycare.