Top 5 Tips for School Readiness for Your Little One to Help Them Adjust in School


A study in 2014 once revealed that almost half of children in the UK are not developed enough to attend schools by the time, they join one. Another report entitled ‘Bold Beginnings’ published by Ofsted claimed that a third of five-year-olds do not have the essential knowledge and understanding they require during joining the school. It is an ongoing concern in the UK because not only children are having difficulties in adapting in the school environment but also this is having a great impact on school resources. Here, we will discuss a few tips for school readiness for your children and how a reputed daycare nursery can help you in this regard.

What Makes Your Child School Ready?

• Self-care: The basic self-care tasks like dressing, eating, toileting should always be encouraged by verbal help.

• Social Skills: Your kid should always be motivated to go out and play with children of their age, they should also be encouraged to talk to the elderly people under your supervision. It will help them to grow socially and develop respect for elders.

• Books: This is one of the most crucial parts for your children before they start off their school journey. Introduction with basic alphabets are mandatory and books will also keep them engaged and improve their knowledge.

• Routines: Every school follows a certain routine, starting from prayer, classes, breaks, everything is bound with time. So, it is necessary for your children to get used to a certain routine while at home and at school from an early age.

• Performing Arts: Participating in performing activities like drawing, dancing, writing their name are the things to be ensured of. This will develop extracurricular skills in your child which will be useful in the long run.

Who Can Actively Make Our Kids School Ready With Perfection?

A child’s school readiness depends on many factors; age, family,environment, culture and early years care they receive. If you have time constraints and unable to help your children develop these basic life skills in his early days, you may need a reputed pre-school nursery like Kids Kingdom Day Care. We will take care of your children in every possible way and help them to become school ready so that the young kids can enjoy their time at the new school.