Settling In

In order to establish a smooth transition from home to nursery school, the children are invited to visit the nursery school with their parents/carers a week or so before they are due to be admitted. We find this is beneficial to the children, parents/carers and staff. The children have a chance to meet the staff and other children while becoming familiar with equipment and the building. The parents/carers also gain an insight into how the nursery school operates and have any initial questions answered from the outset.

During the initial visit you and your child will be introduced to the nominated "Key Person", who will have prime responsibility for caring for your child. This initial visit also provides a valuable opportunity for parents/carers to share information with the Key Person, enabling us all to work together to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition into nursery school life. Kindly call us on 01296 489 876 and arrange a visit.

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