Is your Child Ready For Nursery School? Here's How to Know


The basic concern of a twenty first century parent is how their child would be brought up when both the parents are working. Moreover there are nuclear families more which make the child all alone. In these situations, only one thing can save you. So it is very important to select such a school which would provide a great company and also perfect learning ambience to your child.

But what is the actual age of a child to be admitted into a school? We shall deal here with this question.

Some pre-schools start taking kids of 2 to 2 ½ years. But it does not mean that the child is ready for school. A child is ready for school going or not depends upon the development of the child. It requires looking into the fact that is the child ready to take part initiatively into education as well as co-curricular processes. Moreover can he adjust with other children and participate as a group. A child may appear friendly with his/her parents, siblings and family members.

This gives a notion that the child can adjust with other children of his age and group. But it may not be so always. He might respond adversely to the unknown children which would be contrary to his attitude. So the best method to decide whether the child has actually learnt is thinking about him/her, talking to people who know him well, your partner your child's doctor etc.

There are some basic requirements which every pre- school demands now-a-days. For example maximum of them demand for what you call is 'potty-trained' i.e. he/she should be able to tell the care takers if he requires to go to the lavatory. Others such as washing hand after painting, eating without help and sleeping alone, these qualities should be learnt already.

It is rightly said that if a child is cared by a babysitter at his initial days, then his adjusting power and learning powers would be more during the growing age. It is generally seen that parents who generally stayed away from their children have a quality of developing all habits quickly. According to scientists it is said that children have a tendency to adapt to better conditions of learning and education at the age of 3 to 4 years. At this age they develop their motor and cognitive areas quickly and learn all that is shown.

Recently it is seen that child psychologists of the nursery school, Alyesbury adopted the questionnaire method. Various questions are asked to a child. The level of question is made difficult from time to time. Till a child answered correctly his mental development would be recorded, but as soon as he could not answer, his IQ stopped and development procedure is acquired.

There are certain benefits of pre-schools, like in pre-school a child learns more than in any other age. He learns some basic qualities in him such as reading, understanding, and talking. They start socializing and make groups of their own interest and many more